Web Agency series – Matt Medeiros from Slocum Studio


Matt Medeiros is the first guest of our series of interviews with web agencies around the world. 

This American guy with Portuguese ancestry has a strong presence in the global WordPress community, and we meet him through its podcast Matt Report, a well-known WordPress podcast for digital business owners.

Besides his podcast, we talked about the business he co-founded with his father Mark Medeiros, in 2008, called Slocum Studio, a WordPress digital agency. At Slocum Studio, Matt is a business developer and manages a team of developers and designers.

This episode was recorded in English.

Main topics:

Quick questions:

  • What do you see coming in the next 12 months that is going to create a big impact on the web?
    The “open Internet” and Internet privacy issues
  • Which is the mobile app you couldn’t live without?
    Wunderlist – a todo app
  •  Which is the productivity tool indispensable for your day to day?
    Tweetbot – a bot for twitter app
  • A fundamental podcast or book?
    Podcast: Six Pixels of Separation, by Mitch Joel, about Digital Marketing
  • A conference you wouldn’t miss?
    PressNomics, about WordPress economy
  • Any suggestions for our next guest?
    Ionut, co-founder of themeIsle

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